Camping- Sleep Outdoors Under a Shelter

Badges & Activity

Badges are established with a view to developing in each lad the taste for hobbies or handicrafts one of which may ultimately give him/her a career and not leave him/her hopeless and helpless on going out into the world.

The Badges are merely intended as an encouragement to a boy/girl to take up a hobby or occupation and to make some sort of progress in it, they are assigned to an outsider that he or she has done so, they are not intended to signify that he or she is a master in the craft he/she is tested in. If once we make Scouting in to a formal scheme of serious instruction inefficiency we miss the whole point and value of Scout training and we trench on the work of the schools without the trained experts for carrying it out.

We want to get ALL our boys along through cheery self development from within and not through the imposition of formal instruction from without.

But the object of the Badge System in Scouting is also to give the Scout Master & Guide Captain an instrument by which he can stimulate keenness on the part of every and any boy/girl to take up hobbies that can be helpful in forming his/her character or developing his/her skill.

Camp Activitiy is a creative, educational, and cooperative outdoor living experience to utilizes the natural surroundings and the Scouting methods to contribute significantly to physical, mental, spiritual, and social growth of its campers.

Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scouting movement, once said: "A week of camp life is worth six months of theoretical teaching in the meeting room." And national BSA surveys show that a Scout leader has a 300% better chance of retaining a Scout in the program if they attend summer camp during their first year. Camp provides a week of living the Scouting program!

So why else should you send your son/Daughter to a camp for adventures activities? Here are our top reasons.

(i) They'll spend their days being physically active

(ii) They'll earn advancement and experience success

(iii) They'll unplug from technology

(iv) They'll have the freedom to get dirty

(v) They'll conquer their fears and try new things

(vi) They'll explore careers and develop life-long skills

(vii) They'll be creative and productive

(viii) They'll grow more independent

(ix) They'll build social skills and develop teamwork

(x) They'll enhance their spiritual growth

(xi) They'll reconnect with nature

(xii) They'll make true friends

(xiii) They'll have lots of fun

(xiv) They'll become more awesome