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Supply Service Department

“Your Satisfaction is our Aim”

The department provides Authentic and Appropriate materials on Reasonable terms/price. We are committed & emphasis to maintain the quality and standard of the products.

If there is a need of material in bulk, one should fill up the on demand form & advanced/full payment in the appropriate mentioned account number. The details of material are as follows:


S. no Item Name Availability Quantity Ckeck
1 Cap Badge In Stock
2 BSG Strips In Stock
3 Uttarakhand Badge (Shoulder Strip) In Stock
4 Pratham Sopan Badge In Stock
5 Dwitiya Sopan Badge In Stock
6 Tritiya Sopan Badge In Stock
7 Rajya Puruskar Badge In Stock
8 Pravesh Badge (Green) In Stock
9 Pravesh Badge (Red) In Stock
10 Pravesh Badge (Blue) In Stock
11 Proficiency Badges In Stock
12 Scout Master Badge In Stock
13 Cub/Bulbul Master Badge In Stock
14 World Brotherhood Badge In Stock
15 World Sisterhood Badge In Stock


S. no Item Name Availability Quantity Ckeck
1 Ball Pen (Black) In Stock
2 Ball Pen (White) In Stock
3 Calendar- 2019 In Stock
4 Lady B.P. Photo In Stock
5 Lord B.P. Photo In Stock
6 P-Cap Blue (BSG Embroidery) In Stock
7 P-Cap Blue (BSG Printed) In Stock
8 T-Shirt BSG In Stock
9 Track Suit In Stock
10 Blazer (Scout/Guide) In Stock
11 Tie (Embroidery) In Stock
12 Tie (Printed) In Stock
13 Sleeping Bag In Stock
14 Hand Bag In Stock
15 Laptop Bag In Stock
16 Scout/Guide Uniform In Stock


S. no Item Name Availability Quantity Ckeck
1 Association Flag In Stock
2 Troop Flag In Stock
3 Beret Cap In Stock
4 Cub Cap In Stock
5 Knotting Rope In Stock
6 Nylex Belt (Scouts) In Stock
7 Nylex Belt (Guides) In Stock
8 Scarf (Ordinary) In Stock
9 Scarf (HWB) In Stock
10 Scarf (Commissioner) In Stock
11 Socks (Black) In Stock
12 Socks (White) In Stock
13 Saree Guide In Stock
14 Woggle (Plastic) In Stock
15 Woggle (Leather) In Stock
16 Woggle (Cloth) In Stock
17 Woggle (Bull) In Stock
18 Woggle (Shankh) In Stock
19 Woggle Round (Golden & Silver) In Stock


S. no Item Name Availability Quantity Ckeck
1 APRO- I (English) In Stock
2 APRO- II (English) In Stock
3 APRO- III (English) In Stock
4 Scouting for Boys (English) In Stock
5 Swarn Swar Lahri- (Hindi) In Stock
6 Scheme of Training (English) In Stock
7 SOT- Scout (English) In Stock
8 SOT- Guide (English) In Stock
9 Test Card S/G/R/R/C/B (English) In Stock
10 Rule Book (English) In Stock
11 Geet Bharti (English) In Stock
12 Pragati Path (Hindi) In Stock

On Demand Form for Full Or Advance Payment

Bank Detail For Advance/Full Payment


Account Number- 60444357641

Bank Name- Bank of Maharashtra

Branch- Dharampur, Haridwar Road, Dehra Dun

IFSC Code- MAHB0002220

*For any further query kindly contact to the Mr. Mahendra Singh, Manager, Scouts & Guides Depot & Distribution Store, 55 Mothrowala Road, Ajabpur Chowk, Dehradun, Uttarakhand Mobile No. 9458113606 | 0135-3595208 & Email-

Kindly note that the ‘on demand form’ will be entertained by supply service department only if the order of amount exceed or equal to 1000 INR.