Rover & Ranger

Scheme of Advancement:

Rover/Ranger Section-

Youth between Fifteen to Twenty Five years of age

A boy/girl of fifteen years of age can be admitted as Rover/Ranger Aspirant.

A Rover/Ranger Aspirant can be invested as a Rover/Ranger on completing Fifteen years three months of age.

A Rover/Ranger Aspirant will work at least for three months to complete Pravesh Test before Investiture.

A Pravesh Rover/Ranger will work at least for six months to qualify for Nipun Badge.

A Nipun Rover/Ranger will work at least for nine months to qualify for Rajya Puraskar Rover/Ranger Badge.

A Rajya Puraskar Rover/Ranger will work at least for one year to qualify for Rashtrapati Rover/Ranger Award.

Rover & Ranger


  • Rover Ranger Samagam (National Gathering of Rovers and Rangers), Rover Moot / Ranger Meet. Rover Service Camp, Adventure Programs, Trekking Camps in Himalayas, Sea Coast and Deserts, Mountaineering, Water Activities.
  • Disaster Management & Preparedness.
  • Community Development programs.
  • Handicrafts & Vocational Courses.
  • Youth forums, Youth Parliament, Group discussions.
  • Life Skill development program that includes development of Survival Skills through exposure to adventure/international events.